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Listings of high school yearbooks for Stayton High can be found below. You will find former students who are seeking yearbooks, those looking to sell a yearbook and general yearbook requests among the Stayton HS yearbook listings. This yearbook section was created to help alumni post yearbook classifieds.

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Class of 2006 Yearbooks

Yearbook Request by Michelle Wood
we wannt to see a yearbook for 2006
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Class of 2005 Yearbooks

Yearbook Request by Marhia Roebke
my house got robed and they stole all my year books from 3 grade up and pics of my friends and family if you have anything that would be sweet love ya class 2005!!!!!
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Class of 1986 Yearbooks

Yearbook Request by Shannan Haythorn
i am tring to locate a the 1984 /1985 year book
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Class of 1983 Yearbooks

Yearbook Request by Rodney Sweeney Harrison
I was looking for a 1983 SHS yearbook, alumni pictures or any school papers from about that same time period.

I thank you for your time
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